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            The Collection and What Remains by Laura Espósto   I. On our first morning on Grand Manan a bridge of Cirrostratus trail in from the south east. I ask Eshani if I can use her bedroom window to gauge whether the gauze sheet of clouds is above or below 25,000 […]


              Under What’s Seen Eshani Surya   The call comes early after we have hit open sea, after we can’t see Grand Manan any longer, or even the littler pieces of land that jut up from among the waves. By now the whale watch boat has taken us past […]


            Finding Here-ness in the Grey Zone Emi Noguchi       When people on Grand Manan talk about the Grey Zone, they are typically referring to the waters claimed by both the United States and Canada near Machias Seal Island, a lonely rock of a place inhabited during breeding […]


Summer 2018 Field Studies Grand Manan launched on July 4th with arrival on the Grand Manan V of the three participating University of Arizona MFA students. They will be working with high school students from Grand Manan Community School and visiting the Bowdoin College Scientific Research Station on Kent Island. Their reports from the field […]

Field Studies Grand Manan, guest post from Claire McClain

Grand Manan Field Studies 2017: New Arrivals

The University of Arizona Creative Writing Program is pleased to announce the third year of its Field Studies in Writing Program on Grand Manan Island in the Canadian Maritimes, made possible with support from the Agnese Nelms Haury Program Environment and Social Justice and under the leadership of Alison Hawthorne Deming, Haury Chair and Regents’ […]

Grand Manan Field Studies, guest post from Joshua Riedel

Kent Island: “Prey for Fog” About five miles south of Grand Manan lies Kent Island, a home for nesting birds and spittlebugs and lots of fog. I’d hoped to visit the island during my stay on Grand Manan, but the trip wasn’t guaranteed. Boats bound for Kent Island are infrequent, and weather conditions needed to […]

Guest Post from Lawron Ingersoll

“Stuff your eyes with wonder. Live as if you’ll drop dead in ten seconds. See the world.” — Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451   This summer, I had the privilege of spending a week in Oracle, Arizona as a reciprocation for taking part in Alison Deming’s Grand Manan Field Studies in Writing. I was there to […]

Guest Post from Joseph Bradbury – For Photos and Fog

On Friday, July 15, a group of us visiting from the University of Arizona awoke before dawn to a muzzle of fog settling over Grand Manan. We headed for Seal Cove, to a boat, Island Bound, where Russell Ingals and Mark Morse would steam a small group out the Kent Island. Aboard, there was a […]

Guest Post from Peyton Prater Stark – sea to steamers to soup

  Among my many goals for our time on Grand Manan Island, catching, cooking, and eating seafood was at the top. Growing up in Denver, with a rising interest in eating locally and a budget that rarely included lobster and shellfish, I always loved ocean cuisine, but rarely took part. So, when Michael Brown offered […]