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                   Refugium Lee Anne Gallaway-Mitchell   July 21, 2018 “Refugia can be defined as habitats or environmental factors that, coupled with morphological, life history, and behavioral attributes of animals, reduce the impacts of disturbance (Sedell et al., 1990; Lancaster and Belyea, 1997).”           […]


            Finding Here-ness in the Grey Zone Emi Noguchi       When people on Grand Manan talk about the Grey Zone, they are typically referring to the waters claimed by both the United States and Canada near Machias Seal Island, a lonely rock of a place inhabited during breeding […]


    from Cartographies of Insurrection (Letters at the Gate to Hell) Sophia Terazawa   July 2, 2018 Dearest Sunflower, Last night we saw the gate to hell and rows of children along the entrance of America. I thought about a conversation two nights ago with friends in Tucson. We spoke of Asian American mothers […]


Summer 2018 Field Studies Grand Manan launched on July 4th with arrival on the Grand Manan V of the three participating University of Arizona MFA students. They will be working with high school students from Grand Manan Community School and visiting the Bowdoin College Scientific Research Station on Kent Island. Their reports from the field […]


Summer 2018 Field Studies Southwest has launched in Patagonia, Arizona under the leadership of Susan Briante and Paco Cantu. We’ll be working with Borderlands Earth Care Youth and look forward to hearing from this year’s MFA candidates digging in to that work: Emilio Carrero, Sophia Terazawa and Lee Anne Galloway-Mitchell. Stay tuned for their blog posts […]

Field Studies Southwest, guest post from Susan Briante

WRITING IN RELATION: THE SOUTHWEST FIELD STUDIES IN WRITING PROGRAM By Susan Briante   In an article published in Esquire magazine in 1974 poet Muriel Rukeyser recounts her experiences as witness to the dawn of the Spanish Civil War. Towards the article’s conclusion she remembers a conversation she had on a ship fleeing Barcelona. A passenger […]

Field Studies Southwest, guest post from Abby Dockter

  The Thirty-Thousand-Foot View   When I interviewed Richard Collins, retired Southern Arizona rancher, he asked the first question: “What have you read?” Specifically, he wanted to know if I was a Sand County Almanac fan or a Monkey Wrench Gangmember, and where I fell on the Aldo-Leopold-to-Edward-Abbey scale of ideas about wilderness preservation. “I […]

Field Studies Southwest, guest post from Gabriel Dozal

“Patagonia Simulator: A Blog Post” There’s a border arachnid called a vinegaroon.  It looks like a Tarantula mixed with a Scorpion. I asked the students from BECY (Borderlands Earth Care Youth) if they had seen any vinegaroons while doing their work around different Patagonian farms. They said they found four at the community center. And […]

Field Studies Grand Manan, guest post from Claire McClain

Grand Manan Field Studies 2017: New Arrivals

The University of Arizona Creative Writing Program is pleased to announce the third year of its Field Studies in Writing Program on Grand Manan Island in the Canadian Maritimes, made possible with support from the Agnese Nelms Haury Program Environment and Social Justice and under the leadership of Alison Hawthorne Deming, Haury Chair and Regents’ […]