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Arriana Oacha-Tovar: Winners

“You are all winners,” Kate said as we finished making adobe bricks all morning. We are all winners…we are all working though, so HOW are we all winners? We are the winners because we are restoring our planet, making it better. We are the winners because we are creating change. We are the winners who […]

Eden Lattanzio: Reflection on Field Studies SW

The most important thing that I have learned about myself during BECY is that I am way stronger than I thought I was. Before this program I never thought I could move huge rocks, swing a pickaxe, and I never envisioned myself using a chainsaw. But now I know that I can kick some ass […]

Lawron Ingersoll interviews Laurie Murison

      My name is Laurie Murison (LM) and I am the Executive Director of the Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station among other things. I work on a whale watch boat, do public education work, and since 2008, I’ve taken on the preservation of Swallowtail Lighthouse with my husband. My first experience […]

Mort Dives

Excerpt from an essay by Page Buono Jen is reading when I arrive, a book held casually by her side when she steps out of the feed boat’s cabin. The boat, docked next to the salmon cage in the middle of the Dark Harbour pond, is roughly the size of an industrial dumpster. It is […]