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    NOTES ON A CEMETERY by Emilio Carrero   It was on my morning run, a few days ago, that I saw a deer waiting to cross the road. The time was around 6 a.m., about an hour before high tide. I slowed up as soon as I saw it standing on the edge […]

Guest Post from Joseph Bradbury – For Photos and Fog

On Friday, July 15, a group of us visiting from the University of Arizona awoke before dawn to a muzzle of fog settling over Grand Manan. We headed for Seal Cove, to a boat, Island Bound, where Russell Ingals and Mark Morse would steam a small group out the Kent Island. Aboard, there was a […]

Guest Post from Danielle Geller – Archives

To collect, preserve, and make accessible: If you read enough archival mission statements, you’ll see these words again and again. As a former almost-archivist—one who received her degree but left the profession before earning the full-fledged title—I’ve read quite a few, and I knew before I even arrived on Grand Manan that I wanted to […]