2015, Eel Lake, Grand Manan, Grand Manan Students

Eel Lake

Self-taught musician Liam Watkins, a native of Grand Manan in New Brunswick, Canada, takes us on a ride atop his 4-wheeler to his favorite spot on the island, Eel Lake. Liam writes:

“Eel Lake is a place of relaxation and serenity. The lake is a beautiful example of what the island is all about. It gives me a sense of belonging, the lake is my childhood. My time spent at the lake has taught me many things, I have seen people come and go at the lake, some to never return, some to return periodically. All of these people share my love for the nature, and peaceful setting.

The more time spent at Eel Lake, the more you fall in love with it. The smell of the fresh air and spruce trees never gets old. It motivates you to want to go back. The mud and grass beneath your shoes feel so heavenly that it just cannot be expressed with words.”

Guitar by Liam Watkins, covering “All Along the Watchtower”