2017, borderlands, Southwest, women

Arriana Oacha-Tovar: Winners

“You are all winners,” Kate said as we finished making adobe bricks all morning. We are all winners…we are all working though, so HOW are we all winners? We are the winners because we are restoring our planet, making it better. We are the winners because we are creating change. We are the winners who don’t stop when we cross the finish line. We are the winners of Patagonia BECY. This is the universal sign for winners. It gives you energy and motivation to keep on winning, and in BECY, that’s all we did. Every day is a new race that starts bright and early and ends even brighter and fifty times as hot as it was when we started. At the end of the day we are all winners. It’s all worth it.



Working with a team is very, very empowering. Not only because we are all working to heal the earth, but because we will heal the earth. One person cannot do it on their own. I mean, who would want to anyways? Working with BECY has taught me that I love working, especially with a group of people who care about what they are doing. I have met many new people and have not felt more in touch with who I want to be, thanks to BECY.


This is me holding a baby goat for the first time, just one of many firsts working with BECY this summer. I learned how to create a wetland, “read the land,” to stay away from velvet ants, that Bermuda grass is a pain, and many other useful things. I never thought that I would learn so much while working. I also never thought I would love working outside so much with people I saw every day at school, but I can’t help it, I did really love this experience and I can’t wait to hopefully do it again.